Calculating rent increases and how to refuse

During the lease renewal period, it is possible that your landlord may request an unjustified rent increase. You have the right to refuse a rent increase and to stay in your accommodation.
The landlord is encouraged to base the rent increase on a calculation grid from the Administrative Housing Tribunal that takes into account the income and expenses of their building. To view the calculation grid published by the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL), click here.
This calculation tool is inappropriate as it requires tenants to have 18 pieces of information to calculate their rent increase, even if they do not possess all this information.
Your housing committee provides you with a calculation grid that allows you to ESTIMATE the rent increase using municipal and school taxes as well as renovations carried out by the landlord. This calculation grid allows you to estimate a <reasonable> rent increase for your rent and evaluate whether the increase requested by your landlord seems abusive or not. You can find it by clicking here.
Please note that if your estimated rent increase is higher or almost equivalent to the increase requested by the landlord, the TAL, during a rent-fixing hearing, will grant the rent increase based on the landlord’s income and expense evidence and will not cap the increase based on what the landlord had requested in your rent increase notice. The TAL will not consider the poor condition of your accommodation or any other housing issues. To assert your rights regarding the condition of your accommodation, contact us.
Here is a list of references that can help you fill out the calculation grid and prepare for your rent-fixing hearing. Click here to obtain them.
Remember, you have one month after receiving the rent increase notice to refuse the rent increase by registered mail.
If you have not received a rent increase notice 3 months before the end of your lease (for 12-month leases), the lease will automatically renew under the same conditions. If you do not want to renew your lease, send a non-renewal of lease notice 3 to 6 months before the end of the lease by registered mail. See an example of a non-renewal of lease notice by clicking here.
If needed, call us at 514-270-3500 or fill out an assistance request form here.
You can also participate in one of our workshops on rent increases, the dates and times of which are indicated here.
*ALV would like to thank the Housing Committee of Plateau Mont-Royal for their work in developing this guide.*